Hippo Education – EM Board Review – perfect for early prep!

Kickstart your ACEM fellowship study with Hippo EM Board Review

It was the single best revision tool I found for the early stage of preparation!

The EM Board Review by Hippo Education is a phenomenal resource and perfect for kickstarting your fellowship study. Particularly if you are 12 or more months out from your exam.

Simply put, it is a well-organised set of videos covering the ABEM syllabus (USA) that are easy to watch and will allow you to easily cover an entire syllabus in EM from the comfort of your lounge! The ABEM syllabus at its core is very similar to that of ACEM, however there are some differences in content. Overall well worth the investment.

To sign up (USD$ 125 – 249 for 1 year) or get a free trial click below.